Complete Home Design Service

by Gravity Digital

If you are looking to renew your home and transform it into your dream space, then our Home Design Service could be for you. Our knowledgeable and experienced home design team here at Hunters can help you with any home styling project, large or small. We can also provide the service online rather than visit your home if you prefer.

Our Complete Home Design Service is an easy way to bring interior design into your home. We’ll always start by listening to you, whether you have a clear vision of what you’re looking for or just an idea of how you’d like your room to feel.  One of our friendly designers will be with you at every step, to help you create your dream home.  

Our designers will guide you through everything, from choosing a sofa fabric to an entire makeover that can include furniture, curtains, flooring, accessories & decorating. We will show you how to make the most of your space, giving it a new fresh look with minimal fuss. Or even help you to tackle that interior project you've been thinking about and never got around to.

Together, we will discuss colour palettes, textiles, samples and layouts. We will also take comprehensive measurements, in order to put together a detailed floor plan to help guide layout decisions. We’ll answer any questions you have and give you advice tailored to your lifestyle and budget.  

The first step we take is to listen to you.  We’ll find out what’s working in your room at the moment and what you’d like to change, we’ll listen to how you’d like your room to look and feel.  We’ll then create a mood board, sample board and layout – to help you visualise your new room coming to life.  If you’re happy, we’ll then create a detailed quote.

We can handle all the logistics of your new design too – keeping your furniture and accessories safe until everything has arrived and then delivering it all together when you’re ready.  We can help on the day too, your designer can come out to oversee delivery and help with styling and accessories.  If you’re re-decorating we can help with this too, coordinating everything together for you. 

We have a passion for home design, whether that’s a living room, kitchen or bedroom– 

we’ve got all the tools you’ll need in one place to design your space, around you.  

Whatever you need, our experienced team would love to help. Visit our home design page or call us on 01332 349285