Neptune Suffolk Kitchen

Our Neptune Suffolk bespoke kitchens have a simple pared-back style. Suffolk is as elegant as it is practical, featuring generous proportions, wide-ranging cabinet sizes and an understated hand-painted finish. A contemporary classic design that is perfectly suited to a ‘less-is-more’ feel in your home.

Why choose the Neptune Suffolk bespoke fitted kitchen?

  • Free initial design consultation
  • Neptune Lifetime Cabinet Guarantee
  • Solid oak cabinet and drawer interiors
  • Elegant clean-lined design
  • Bespoke fitted kitchens for any sized space
  • Choose from 28 shades of paint


Solid Oak Interiors

When you open any drawer or cabinet contained within your bespoke Suffolk kitchen, you won’t be greeted with the same painted finish as the exterior. Your view will be filled with a high quality and beautifully crafted solid oak interior.

Double Door Larder

Neptune’s Suffolk bespoke fitted kitchen is the only collection which features a full-height, double door larder. The centre, showcase piece of your new kitchen, your double door larder contains a huge amount of storage space for everything from pots and pans to crockery and serveware.

Subtle LED strip lighting

When designing your new bespoke Neptune Suffolk kitchen, we can install LED strip lighting in the interior of your cabinetry. Providing assistance when viewing the contents of your cupboards, you can even use them in conjunction with glazed cabinets to provide subtle background lighting.

Freestanding Potboard

A slim design which is close to a console table for your kitchen, your new freestanding potboard can be positioned on its own or at the end of your kitchens island to provide extra chopping and storage space. Incredibly versatile and beautifully put together, your bespoke Suffolk kitchen wouldn’t be complete without one.

Floating Cooker Hood

Your new Suffolk bespoke fitted kitchen contains the most contemporary cooker hood design. A floating piece, this unique structure allows you to maximise your worktop space below, as well as minimising the cluttered feel of a conventional cooker hood.

Extra Tall Wall Cabinets

If your new contains very high ceiling and you prefer cabinetry compared to countertop designs, you can now utilise the Suffolk’s extra tall wall cabinets that will make better use of the extra space. This smart and high quality design shifts the emphasis away from your countertops and prevents excess space from looking out of place.

28 Timeless Shades

Suffolk’s colour options

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