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Vispring was founded in 1901 and were the first company to produce the spring interior mattress using a system of individually pocketed springs.  Their unqiue system changes the way beds were made to provide a level of comfort, support and durability never dreamed of before.

Their products have been handmade by Biritsh craftsmen for the the past 100 years to standards unparalleled anywhere in the world, Vi-Spring beds and mattresses are sought for their legendary qualities of comfort, luxury and support. 

Vi-Spring mattresses use only the finest materials because they breathe better and are healthier, safer and more sumptuous to sleep on as they support your body as effectively as your spine does when you are standing.

Vi-Spring beds combine the perfect number of springs with opulent upholstery which contains fillings of mohair and silk for a luxuriously comfortable feel.

The breadth of the Vi-Spring range is wide, however their products and quality remain unsurpassed today and they continue to transform many people's quality of sleep every night.

7 products