Stressless Emma

Stressless Emma

Stressless Emma is the name of our popular line of sofas and features the ErgoAdapt-system. The modular sofas offer more choices to help create the perfect sofa.

Choose between three armrests/models: Stressless Emma E200, Stressless Emma E350 and Stressless Emma E600. The side panels can be used instead of an armrest when needed and there are two types of back cushions and arm cushions; Soft or Classic.

Stressless Emma is available with a number of quality leather and fabric choices that all come in a range of colours.

The soft back cushions are filled with high quality shredded foam and down, which is malleable and provides great support. Like all down cushions these can be regularly shaken back into shape.

Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.