Himolla Zerostress Tanat 3 Seater

Himolla Himolla Zerostress Tanat 3 Seater
Himolla Himolla Zerostress Tanat 3 SeaterHimolla Himolla Zerostress Tanat 3 SeaterHimolla Himolla Zerostress Tanat 3 Seater

The Himolla Zerostress Tanat is manufactured in Germany and is made to the highest quality standards from the best available materials, an active lumbar support and headrest provide excellent comfort to the user. Adjustable tensioner underneath the seat controls the amount of pressure required to recline. Automatically adjusting headrest moves to the most comfortable position as you recline.
Available in Leather Range 24 online, more options available in store

W207 D84 H107 cm

When you buy a piece of himolla upholstered furniture, Himolla make you a guarantee. You will go on enjoying for a long time.

Himolla have been producing upholstered furniture for over 60 years. Which means their knowledge materials and their workmanship is backed by decades of experience. The result is exceptionally high quality and products that are subjected to stringent and rigorous programme of daily testing. 

Only after completing this process can Himolla put their name to their upholstered furniture – and support it by giving our customers a guarantee that far exceeds the legal requirement.

The 3-way, 5-year himolla guarantee covers:

1. Many upholstery fabrics and all grades of Long-life leather 

2. Upholstery, sub-springing and sprung interiors

3. Frames and stationary bearing components

The guarantee is naturally subject to suitable care and maintenance in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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