Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid

Octaspring mattresses are truly the first innovation in the bedding industry in more than two decades! This incredible new technique of blending modern materials with more traditional designs, has lead to a superb new form of mattress. Octasprings work in the same way as Pocket Springs, but are made from breathable foam!

The Octaspring Hybrid mattress features both a traditional Pocket Spring system, and a layer of Octasprings, as well as a luxurious Memory Foam layer on the sleeping surface. The combination of these layers results in a unique feeling of absolute support, as well as incredible comfort.

Octaspring springs are a 3d construction, allowing for pressure relieving support, delicate comfort, and a fully breathable airflow system. This type of spring is very clever, and will offer the body the exact amount of support required at any given time. Because these springs are made from engineered foam, the movement is completely silent and absolutely precise, an advantage over metal springs.

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Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid MattressDormeo Octaspring Hybrid Mattress
Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Mattress
The best of both worlds, hundreds of pocketsprings combined with Octasprings 5 zone pocket sprung foundation Luxurious memory foam to comfort and cradle
£769.00 from £499.00